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Hard Rock Live - Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tulsa | Catoosa, Oklahoma

The Cadillac Three

Clean up your cowboy shoes because you're about to a two-step shuffle all through the night this spring! Care to take a guess on the stunning country entertainer set to head the performance? The Cadillac Three is making its way to Catoosa, Oklahoma, and our anticipation knows no bounds! With each and every tune of the guitar and passionate words, The Cadillac Three will whisk you away to the untamed, unfettered frontier!

The Cadillac Three is indeed among the top country artists currently. Trending far and wide, hit melody after hit melody, The Cadillac Three definitely stands as a potent force to be reckoned with in the world of country songs. Their compositions offer a mixture of potent vocals and resounding percussion, crafting the perfect recipe for country harmony. The Cadillac Three is set for a much-awaited appearance at the Hard Rock Live on Friday April 2024 - so make sure you're well-prepared for this! Gather all your friends and inform them you're coming to the hottest country show of the spring! Procure your tickets without delay by just selecting 'GET TICKETS' before they vanish!

Folk music has never had a better home in Catoosa, Oklahoma than the iconic Hard Rock Live. The venue regularly opens it’s doors to the hottest artists in the genre, offering mind blowing acoustics and lighting to give their fans the best performances possible. It’s all about the fans at the Hard Rock Live, since the venue also offers benefits including great parking around the corner and friendly staff who welcome you with open arms. They guarantee that you have never experienced live country music shows like you would at their venue. Watch the difference for yourself by getting tickets to any of their upcoming events.

The Cadillac Three at Hard Rock Live - Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tulsa

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