Switchfoot at The Joint

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The Joint | Catoosa, Oklahoma

Can you think of a better pop act than Switchfoot? It seems there cant be anyone more popular at the moment! Pop lovers are crazy about Switchfoot's fall, 2023 US tour and you could really be there too! The most exciting evening of pop is going to happen this September and it'll be a Saturday you'll never forget….have you heard about the magnificent Hard Rock Live, Oklahoma, Catoosa? Well Switchfoot will be hosted there on Saturday 16th September 2023! This will be the favorite night of pop EVER so get your tickets at the ready it's really very easy, you can buy now if you press 'GET TICKETS' when you scroll up….while you still have the chance!

Switchfoot at The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel

The hottest gigs deserve only the best arenas in the country, and the illustrious Hard Rock Live is definitely one of the best! Not only does the Hard Rock Live have friendly staff who are exceptionally attentive from the second you enter the front door, but they also provide a rich and welcoming atmosphere which guarantees comfort and ensures the maximum possible enjoyment. You’ll be blown away with the clean facilities as well as the on-site bar that will keep you hydrated throughout the event! The seats are comfortable and provide the clearest sightlines to the show possible. And what’s more, you get to see the breathtaking Switchfoot! So come and visit the Hard Rock Live, one of the best venues in all of Catoosa, Oklahoma!

Switchfoot at The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel

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