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Hard Rock Live - Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tulsa | Catoosa, Oklahoma

Gavin DeGraw

If you haven’t booked your tickets to come see any of the upcoming Alternative Rock concerts and events at the incredible Hard Rock Live, then you are missing out. Not only does the venue offer shows by the best names in the industry, but they also bring their A-Game when it comes to customer service. On-site bars will keep you refreshed with their fully stocked choices in alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. The seating arrangements have been designed so you’ll have no trouble finding a place to sit or room to dance during the show. The staff also works hard to keep the facilities clean and in the best condition possible so that you can enjoy your night out on the town in style. The Hard Rock Live is simply your only choice for all things Alternative.

Now’s the moment to discover music like never before. From underground tunes to the big screens, this is a show that you won’t want to miss. That’s right, Gavin DeGraw is coming to the main attraction of Catoosa, Oklahoma: Hard Rock Live, on Friday 10th May 2024! The group is about to cause a scene and perform their greatest tunes that’ll make you feel like partying until the early hours.

Here’s the tea: the unrivaled group of alternative music on the scene are coming to town once more with their much-awaited spring tour. Said to be one of the greatest bands of the genre recently, everyone has been on the lookout for secret info about the show. They’re coming in hot with their outstanding music LIVE with a breathtaking setlist that will without question have you in awe the whole night.

Our headlining artist has only recently come up to the big league and everyone has been keeping their eyes on them. To go from being underground to the spotlight is a giant step for them. Their past performances have given listeners a night to remember. Popularized by their rare lyricism, they have seemingly been taking their time to expectedly make their mark in the alt genre. This spring tour will definitely bring on even more future tracks for the group, and we couldn’t be more excited. Complete with their unrivaled songs and unmatched stage presence, they’re going to rock the place to the ground.

You’ll have an insanely good time at Hard Rock Live on Friday 10th May 2024. Audience members commend the premier theatre. The famous destination is one that will help you feel contented until you leave. Both the friendly staff and the various snack and drink choices help all guests enjoy the venue for their entire stay. If you’d like to attend, go ahead and press the page down there to get your tickets ASAP!

Gavin DeGraw at Hard Rock Live - Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tulsa

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